Top ten things to do while staying at the Cottage on the Thames!

  1. Sit around a fire at the edge of the Thames and look up at the stars.
  2. Listen to the birds sing, and watch the hawks and herons soar.
  3. Go for a swim in the breath-taking Swimming Quarry, Canada's largest swimming pool.
  4. Browse 15,000 antiques and vintage items in Eclectic Treasure.
  5. Fish for walleye, carp, pike, trout, perch, bass, and catfish in the Thames River or the old Fishing Quarry.
  6. Splurge on a superb dinner at the nearby Westover Inn or have a drink and enjoy pub fare at the Parkview Creamery.
  7. Attend a play at the internationally renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
  8. Explore sports history at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.
  9. Enjoy the scenery while walking along the Riverview Walkway, The Loop Trail, or the Grand Trunk Trail, or while hiking the sixty-mile-long Avon Trail.
  10. Travel back in time at the St. Marys Museum.

And then, discover another hundred things to see, hear, taste, and do!