Nearby sites and amenities

In addition to the photos below, you can view some Flash-based panoramas of the Thames River (which the cottage backs onto), the Grand Trunk Trail, and the Swimming Quarry.

The Swimming Quarry (the largest outdoor pool in Canada):

Quarry poolThe Swimming Quarry is located just across the river from the Cottage on the Thames. It measures 245 meters by 77 meters (800 feet by 250 feet). Those who want to dive can do so from the high board, from the low board, or from one of the quarry's rock walls. Behind the Swimming Quarry is the Lind Sportsplex and Curling Rink.

Little Falls:

Little Falls












The Thames River, looking west from the Park Street Bridge:












Town Hall:

Town Hall












The Public Library:












Garnett House:

Garnett House was built in 1871 as a hotel.